The Manistee Community Kitchen is a nonprofit organization working to end hunger and obesity in Manistee County.  The Kitchen provides training and support for low-income families so that they can increase their access to fresh produce, and convert that produce into healthy and delicious meals.

Despite having some of the most diverse crop production of anywhere in the nation, 80.4 percent of Manistee County residents report inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables.  The Manistee Community Kitchen understands that produce growing locally can solve this problem, and provide healthy foods to the hands and mouths that need it.

In effort to connect existing resources, the Kitchen brings together players throughout the community, including local businesses, farmers, gardeners and schools in Manistee’s fight against hunger and obesity.  For a deeper look how the Kitchen seeks to improve lives, visit our Programs Page.

The Manistee Community Kitchen grassroots effort could not be possible without the dedicated support of our volunteers, staff and community partners.  To connect with one of the change-makers growing our movement, visit our People Page.

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