—According to a report by the New England Journal of Medicine, this generation of children in the United States is expected to live lives shorter than their parents due to obesity.
The Manistee Community Kitchen is working to build upon the nutritional initiatives currently in place to ensure that our future remains bright.  While educating students on the importance of health and nutrition is essential, the Kitchen also seeks to provide education and resources to the parents and guardians of those students. By educating the entire family, our community can create positive environments both in and outside of school.
According to the latest report generated by the health department:

  • 21.7 percent of Manistee County residents identified as obese
  • 49.8 percent identified as overweight
  • 80.4 percent reported inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • 32.9 percent reported no leisure time physical activity
  • 32.7 percent currently smoke

All this in a community with some of the most diverse crop production and scenic outdoor environments of anywhere in the nation.

Because hunger and obesity are closely tied to socio-economic status, the Kitchen seeks a sustainable solution that will provide both food and employment opportunities for out of work families.   As unemployment remains high in our small community, it comes as no surprise that the number of residents having significant weight problems is also high.