In a land where restaurants purchase foods from monstrous corporations and get their food shipped from 1,500 miles away, the Manistee Community Kitchen has begun a grassroots movement for change.

Located in various venues across Manistee County, the Kitchen hosts Pop-Up Restaurants featuring locally sourced, fresh foods in a relaxed atmosphere.  Open for dinner service, the Kitchen “pops-up” in an inviting space, then vanishes just as quickly.

While many Mom and Pop restaurants claim to have good home cookin’, their food often comes far from home. The Kitchen’s Pop-Up Restaurants feature tasty Manistee-grown foods, and are often hosted at farms, just feet from where the meal was sourced. This initiative provides needed revenue to keep farmers growing in Manistee County, while supporting the  Kitchen’s mission to end obesity and hunger in Manistee County.

Live entertainment, drinks, and a three-course meal, with a small group of community members makes the night relaxing, satisfying and one to remember.

The question is, “How do I get in on this?” Well, that is for you to find out…