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Hello Market People!!

Are you ready for the 21st season of the Manistee Farmers Market?!?

Well, Mark your calendars because May 28th the season begins!

AND!!!   …We have a New Home!!!   …

..the Wagoner Community Center located at 260 Saint Mary’s Parkway

A New Partnership: Manistee Community Kitchen and Manistee County Council on Aging agree to host the Manistee Farmers Market at the Wagoner Community Center starting this season and beyond.

“Planting the Future…Cultivating the Past”


The Manistee Community Kitchen (MCK) non-profit organization is partnering with Manistee County Council on Aging (MCCOA) on one of MCK’s signature projects. Starting on Saturday May 28th, the new location for the Manistee Farmers Market will be at the Wagoner Community Center. This further strengthens the partnership between the two organizations. “This is a perfect partnership between our organizations”, said Manistee Market Manager & MCK board member, Brian Garcia, “We’ve been working together for years with food assistance programs, including Senior Project Fresh and food pantry support from gardens around the area.  We are very excited about the new location and working with MCCOA to build a Farmers Market for the future.”  Garcia continues by stating, “The farmers market is a true Manistee celebration of everyone that lives and works in our community.”

The Manistee Farmers Market celebrated its 20th season last year continually providing locally grown food to the Manistee community. The hard work of MCCOA and evolution of the Wagoner Community Center has allowed these community puzzle pieces to fit together.

“I am so excited to be able to collaborate with MCK and the Farmers Market!”, said Sarah Howard, Executive Director of MCCOA, “The Wagoner Community Center will be a wonderful place for people to gather, listen to the musicians, get their fruits and veggies, get beautiful flowers and to support our local farmers.”

For the last 20 years, MCK and the Farmers Market have been grateful to the City of Manistee for providing the community a space to gather and celebrate our culture every Saturday in downtown Manistee. MCK continues to build upon that support as Manistee continues to grow in new positive directions.  The time has come to take another big step by sharing this “market love” with the “Northside” of Manistee and spreading the good fortune throughout all our connected neighborhoods.  These are all good signs for a healthy and vibrant community. By relocating and partnering with other organizations like MCCOA, MCK hopes to sustain the market for future generations while continuing to honor the MCK mission of providing healthy local food and ending hunger in Manistee County.

Over the years and through the partnership, MCCOA and MCK plan to enhance the community center grounds by adding additional support to the farmers and other artisan vendors with covered vendor booths and walkways.  These elements along with expanded parking and other amenities will make it a more welcoming and user friendly for patrons and vendors alike.  There will be an expanded entertainment area for live music and other cultural events which has always been a corner stone of the market.

“Building partnerships, programs, and services that enhance the lives of our senior community is paramount, ” said Judy Crockett, Board President of MCCOA, “The space at the Wagoner Community Center has increased our ability to form more partnerships, reach more people in the community, and to be a conduit for our seniors to have access to such things as healthier food choices, and to improve their physical, social, and emotional health.

Objectives of the Manistee Farmers Market:

  • Celebrate healthy food and our local food heritage and community.
  • Increase awareness of where to buy local foods and products.
  • Link farmers, restaurants, retailers, and consumers to foster a vibrant local food economy and community food security.
  • Engage people in appreciating the many benefits of supporting a local, sustainable economy.
  • Bring a consciousness to the way in which we all eat by providing sound education by means of demonstration and the sharing of knowledge
  • Build community by creating a celebration of local food that becomes a defining cultural event for the Manistee County area.

The market hours this season will be from 9am until 12pm every Saturday starting May 28th through October 1st at the Wagoner Community Center, 260 Saint Mary’s Parkway in Manistee.

Come be part of the fun as we continue to grow and celebrate our amazing and supportive community at the Farmers Market every Saturday this season.

All of us together once again…  We are Manistee…  Live it.  Build it. Grow it.

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Love and Light to Everyone.  “Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy”