The 2016 Farmer’s Market Season is just around the corner! Join us for the first Market on Saturday May 28th!

Every Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm, May 28th to October 8th, you can find fresh, local foods, entertainment and a cooking demonstration at the Manistee Farmer’s Market. Located in the parking lot on the corner of Memorial Drive and Washington Street (near Oleson’s), this market supplies a wide variety of foods that are grown locally.


Download the 2016 Market Guidelines HERE

Download the 2016 Market Application HERE

Download the 2016 Market Map HERE

You can buy anything you need for the week, including meats, cheeses, breads, fruits, vegetables, potatoes and much more! At this market, consumers know exactly where their food is coming from. You can be confident that it is healthy for your body and happy that you will be supporting local farmers at the core of Manistee’s growing food economy.



Part of the Kitchen’s new campaign to “Dig Deep”, the Farmer’s Market is a way that Manistee can dig deep into the ground to create a healthier county. The market provides farmers a chance to dig deep for the food that Manistee County needs, and create a healthier community. This way, the people of Manistee County benefit from healthy food and the farmers benefit from sales, creating a brighter future for everyone.

We hope to see you there on Saturday!